How to Check Emirates ID Fine | A Step-by-Step Guide In 2023

Emirates ID Fine

Are you trying to know how to pay and check the fine on your Emirate ID? There are many people in the UAE who want to know how to check their penalties on their Emirates ID. It is really simple to understand how and where to check an Emirates ID since you can do this online.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are various rules and regulations that citizens must adhere to. Infractions of these regulations may result in consequences such as fines. It is common for individuals to receive fines from law enforcement agencies or other authorities for violating laws, rules, and regulations. If you have found yourself in such a situation, you might be wondering how to check the fines associated with your Emirates ID.

What is the Emirates ID Fine?

The Emirates ID fine is the amount that you must pay if you don’t follow the rules. Fines might vary from as low as AED 100 to up to AED 10,000. To prevent having to learn how to verify a fine on an Emirates ID, it is critical to comprehend UAE legislation. You can pay your fines more quickly if you know how to verify an Emirates ID.

A “fine” is a form of monetary penalty imposed on individuals who have contravened specific legal laws and regulations within their respective countries. It serves as a punishment for the offender. In recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have been enforcing stringent measures to ensure public safety, resulting in increased attention towards understanding the penalties associated with Emirates ID violations, particularly among foreigners.

How to check Emirates Id Fine

Emirates ID fines are charges that are issued to your Emirates ID card, and you can maintain their record or pay your dues. If you do not pay the fee, it will remain on your Emirates ID card until you settle your unpaid penalties.

To check your Emirates ID fines online, go to the official site of the Abu Dhabi Police Department. You can also use the Abu Dhabi Police smartphone app, which is available in the app and Google Play stores. The following are the only steps you need to take to check a fine in the UAE using an Emirates ID:

Emirates ID Fine

1. Visit the Official Emirates ID Website.

To begin the process of checking your Emirates ID fines, start by visiting the official Emirates ID website. Open your preferred web browser and enter the following URL in the address bar: Once the website loads, you’ll be one step closer to accessing the necessary information.

2. Navigate to the Fines Section.

On the Emirates ID website, locate the fines section. This section is specifically designed to provide users with details about any fines or penalties associated with their Emirates ID. Look for a tab or menu option labeled “Fines” and click on it to proceed.

3. Enter your Emirates ID Details.

In the fines section, you’ll be prompted to enter your Emirates ID details. This typically includes your Emirates ID number, date of birth, and other relevant personal information. Ensure that you enter the information accurately to avoid any errors or discrepancies.

4. Submit the Request.

After entering your Emirates ID details, click on the “Submit” button to proceed with your request. The website will then process your information and retrieve any fines or penalties associated with your Emirates ID.

5. View Your Emirates ID Fines

Once the website completes the processing, you will be presented with the details of any fines or penalties linked to your Emirates ID. Take your time to review the information provided, including the nature of the fines, due dates, and any additional instructions.

6. Resolve the Fines

If you discover any fines or penalties associated with your Emirates ID, it’s crucial to address them promptly. The website will often provide instructions on how to resolve the fines, including payment methods and deadlines. Make a note of these instructions and take the necessary steps to clear your fines within the stipulated time frame.

What Fines may I have on my Emirates ID?

In addition to serving as an identifying document, the ID can be used to pay penalties for illegal or sanctionable behavior. There are numerous different types of fines and penalties associated with the use of an Emirates ID. The most typical fines and penalties are as follows:

What Fines may I have on my Emirates ID?

1. Renewal or registration after the deadline

If your ID has expired, you have 30 days from the expiration date to renew it. After that, late fines of 20 AED per day would be imposed on all residents.

2. Lost or Stolen Card

If you lose or have your card robbed, you must contact the police. You will face a fine of 500 dirhams (AED).

3. Document Misuse

Any unauthorized or unlawful use of your Emirates ID may result in fines and penalties of up to 2000 dirhams (AED).

4. Trespassing

This penalty is levied on people who cross streets without utilizing walking paths. People are also penalized if they disobey traffic signals when crossing streets. AED 400 is the appropriate fine.

5. Municipal Penalties

The city municipality imposes these sanctions. For example, if there are building problems or the cardholder fails to appear in public, they are punished.

6. COVID-19 Regulations and Standards Violations

People who violate social distance standards at events may be penalized. Similarly, tampering with COVID-19 test results, failing to comply when an officer stops a person for COVID-19-related concerns, teaching classes in person, and so on all carry fines.

7. RTA Fines 

Different types of offenses can be levied against drivers and motorists. AED 2,000 is levied for reckless driving, while AED 1,000 is levied for driving a car with no number plates.

8. Unapproved Replicating

If you attempt to replicate your Emirates ID card without authorization, you will be fined 2000 dirhams (AED).

Fines may be increased or decreased based on the complexity of the violation and/or UAE legislation. It is essential to be aware of these rules in order to avoid incurring additional fees while using your Emirates ID card.

Where can you pay the fine for your Emirates ID?

After you have completed the Emirates ID COVID fine check online, you must proceed and submit it in order to clear your penalties. The process of paying the fines is very simple. You can pay your penalties online by visiting any of the websites listed below:

  • Interior Ministry
  • Dubai Police Department
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Roads and Transport Ministry of Sharjah
  • Roads and Transport Ministry of Dubai

You may now simply pay your Emirates ID fines at self-service stations. You only need to go to a SAHL to verify your penalties, and you can even pay them there. If you want to have your penalties in hand, you must travel to the police station to verify your Emirates ID fines and pay them. moreover If you do not have any fines or penalties, you will see the “NO FINES” option, which simply implies you do not have to pay any dues or fines.


In conclusion, understanding how to pay and check fines on your Emirates ID is crucial for residents and citizens in the UAE. By following a few simple steps online, you can easily check for any fines associated with your Emirates ID and take the necessary actions to resolve them. Remember, fines can range from minor infractions to more significant violations, and it’s important to address them promptly to avoid additional penalties. Stay informed about the regulations and rules governing the use of your Emirates ID to ensure compliance and a hassle-free experience.

To check fines on your Emirates ID, visit the official Emirates ID website, navigate to the fines section, enter your Emirates ID details, submit the request, and view the fines associated with your ID. Take the necessary steps to resolve the fines within the provided timeframe.

There are various fines that can be associated with your Emirates ID, including renewal or registration fines, fines for lost or stolen cards, fines for document misuse, trespassing fines, municipal penalties, COVID-19 regulations and standards violations, RTA fines, and fines for unauthorized replicating. The severity and amount of fines may vary depending on the violation and UAE legislation.

You can pay your Emirates ID fines online by visiting the websites of relevant authorities such as the Interior Ministry, Dubai Police Department, Abu Dhabi Police, Roads and Transport Ministry of Sharjah, and Roads and Transport Ministry of Dubai. Additionally, self-service stations (SAHL) are available for payment, and you can also visit the police station to verify and pay your fines if needed.

If you don’t pay the fines on your Emirates ID, they will remain on your ID card until you settle your unpaid penalties. It’s important to address the fines promptly to avoid any further consequences or penalties.

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