Emirates Id – Easy Way to Check Emirates Id Status in 2023

Emirates ID

1. What is an Emirates ID?

The UAE federal government issues Emirates ID as an identification card. It is issued after the residency visa. This ID card is issued for identity and citizenship (ICA). Emirates ID consists of a personal data chip, an identifying number, and an electronic component that together assure the security and authenticity of the cardholder’s information.

It is mandatory for all citizens living in the UAE to apply for an ID card, whether they are residents there or foreigners. It serves as proof of identity, age, and residency in the country. It is a legal requirement that any resident of the UAE have an Emirates ID, which needs to be carried with them at all times. Furthermore, Emirates ID is also linked to the country’s national health insurance system, which means that it is necessary for receiving medical treatment.

2. Types of Emirates ID

  • Citizen ID card for Emirati nationals, valid for 10 years
  • GCC ID card for Gulf nationals living in the UAE, valid for five years
  • Expat ID card for foreign nationals, whose validity is based on the visa’s period

3. Several Benefits of the Emirates ID

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various advantages of the Emirates ID and highlight how it can benefit individuals and businesses alike.

  • To cast a vote in the Federal National Council elections.
  • For money transfers, you must show your ID.
  • You’ll need your ID card in order to pay the fine.
  • To pay the internet bill or electricity bill.
  • You may go all over the UAE by displaying your Emirates ID card.
  • You must provide your ID card in order to obtain a SIM card.
  • A valid identity card will be required to open a bank account, whether it’s an Abu Dhabi or Dubai bank account.
  • As a piece of identification to pass through immigration at e Gates and smart gates at various UAE airports.

Note: According to the ICP, taking another citizen’s ID card without their permission is against the law. According to UAE regulations, companies are prohibited from withholding Emirates ID cards of workers, customers, and visitors, regardless of their nationality. Companies can only access the personal information on the ID cards, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and protection of individuals’ data. The cardholder should file a lawsuit against the company that violates it.

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4. How do I Check my Emirates ID Status?

Have you applied for ID card and are wondering how to check its status? You can check your Emirates Identity application status, ID card status, and ID card renewal status easily. Checking your ID card status is a simple process that can typically be done online or by visiting a government office. No registration, login, or password are required to check it. You need to follow these easy steps to check your Emirates ID status online.

1:) Emirates Id Status ICA

To check the status of your Emirates ID with the ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship), you can follow these steps:

  • First, visit the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) or the official portal.
  • There is an option to check the application status on the right side below.
  • Then, enter your ID card number (PRAN) or your application number in this section without using semicolons.
  • After pressing the check button, a pop-up box will appear with all the status-related information.
  • Your card’s printing status can be seen in this information. This popup box will display information about the status of your ID, including whether it is valid, expired, or under renewal.

However, you may get in touch with the authorities directly if you have any issues getting the website’s full status. As soon as your ID card changes, the authorities will let you know. They will provide you with precise application status information.

Contact Number: (600) 5222-22 or (600) 5300-035

2:) Emirates ID Tracking

Even on the government website, the Identity card application’s tracking status may not always be shown. Another option is to download the ICP UAE app from the Play Store or App Store to track ID card status. This app allows you to easily track the status of your ID card. By using this service, you can check the current status of your application, including the status of ID card production and delivery. Here is a list of steps to follow when tracking the status of ID card:

  • Install the ICP UAE app.
  • After opening this app, you will see the option of a quick search below.
  • When you click it, you will be asked to enter your application number or ID card number.
  • It provides you with all the details about your Identity card when you search for it.
  • With this information, you can see whether your ID card has been printed or not.
  • Keep a record of your application number and PIN for tracking purposes.

Tracking the status of your ID card application is crucial to staying informed about the progress of your application.

5. How to Get an Emirates ID

Getting an Emirates ID is essential if you’re planning to live in the UAE. As a result, you will have access to a variety of services and facilities that are only available to Emirati nationals. Apply for ID card during the application process for a UAE visa. You must follow each of these steps if you are applying for an ID card for the first time.

1:) Application for Emirates Id

There are four different ways to apply for an Emirates ID. The applicant must choose one of them to apply for a new identity card.

  • Official website: icp.gov.ae
  • Visit the Customer Happiness Center.
  • ‘UAE ICP’ application on the Play Store
  • Registered Typing Center

On the ICP website, you have to fill out the application form for your new ID. To fill out this form, you have to provide your passport and visa information. This can also be done online at a certified typing office. At the typing center, you have to pay a 30 AED fee for submitting your application.

2:) Medical Checkup

People who have gotten visas for the first time or are making ID card for the first time. They will have to conduct both medical and biometric tests. AIDS, hepatitis, blood tests, and chest x-rays are performed at medicine centers. After that, your biometrics will be taken, in which your eye will be scanned, your fingerprint will be scanned, and your picture will be taken. The authority’s system will save these biometric details.

3:) Emirates ID is Printed and Delivered

It usually takes 7–10 days once you’ve completed the visa stamping in your passport to get the ID card. After visa stamping and biometric data validation, printing will take place. You will get an SMS from ICP once the ID card is issued.

You can receive your Emirates ID in two ways. The registration offices can provide you with an Emirates ID within an hour if you urgently want one. Alternatively, you can also get your Emirates ID via courier services.

4:) Emirates ID is Printed and Delivered

It usually takes 7–10 days once you’ve completed the visa stamping in your passport to get the ID card. After visa stamping and biometric data validation, printing will take place. You will get an SMS from ICP once the Emirates ID is issued.

You can receive your Emirates ID in two ways. The registration offices can provide you with an Emirates ID within an hour if you urgently want one. Alternatively, you can also get your Emirates ID via courier services.

6. Emirates ID Cost

Cost of Emirates ID for UAE expats

  • 1 year validity                            170 AED ($46)
  • 2 years validity                          270 AED ($73)
  • 3 years validity                          370 AED ($100)

Cost of Emirates ID for U.A.E. nationals

  • 5 years validity                          170 AED ($46)
  • 10 years validity                        270 AED ($73)

Note: If you apply via the official website, the cost will be less. You’ll have to pay 140 AED for one year of validity and 240 AED for two years. You must pay 150 AED if you urgently want an Emirates ID.

7. Emirates ID Validity

Have you ever wondered what the validity of an Emirates ID is and why it is important? You don’t need to be worried about it. Here are several quick ways to check the validity of your Emirates ID, which are listed below.

  • Visit the official website at icp.gov.ae for more information.
  • Choose a nationality.
  • Enter your birthdate.
  • Click on the “search” option.
  • Then you can view all the details about the validity of your Emirates ID.

For Emirati residents and UAE foreigners, the validity of an identity card differs. The duration of an Emirates ID depends on how much you pay for it. You can get a two-year Emirates ID for 270 AED. An Emirates ID is valid for ten years for UAE nationals who pay 270 AED.

8. How do I cancel my Emirates ID?

Are you looking to cancel your Emirates ID? The process for canceling an Emirates ID can vary depending on the reason for cancellation, but generally involves submitting an application to the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) and providing the necessary documentation.

Canceling an Emirates ID card may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as a change in residency status or a lost or stolen card. The process for canceling an Emirates ID card is relatively straightforward, but there are a few steps that must be followed. Here is a list of steps to follow when canceling an Emirates ID card:

  • Contact the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) via phone or in person at one of their offices.
  • Show identification, such as a passport or an Emirates ID card.
  • Fill out and submit a cancellation form to EIDA.
  • Wait for EIDA’s verification of the cancellation.
  • Keep track of the cancellation to see if it will be useful in the future.

When canceling your Emirates ID, be aware that your resident visa will also be canceled. To complete the process, you must present your ID card at the relevant General Directorate for Immigration and Foreigners Affairs. The General Directorate will then process the return of your ID card to the Federal Authority for Identity, the original issuer of the ID card.

You may decide to deactivate your ID for a few different reasons.

  • Residents cancel their residency visas in the UAE in order to leave the nation.
  • You are starting a business or moving to work in Dubai.
  • You’re permanently leaving the UAE.

9. Conclusion

The Emirates ID is a crucial document required for daily activities in the UAE. It is important to check the current status of your Emirates ID if you don’t know about it. The process of obtaining a new one can be done by visiting the nearest center and providing the necessary documents and fees. Keep in mind that the process may vary depending on the circumstances, and it’s recommended to check the Emirates ID Authority website for more information.

10. FAQs

You can check the status of your Emirates ID application by visiting the Emirates ID website and entering your application number and Emirates ID number. You can also check it out by downloading UAE apps available on the Play Store and Apple store.

An Emirates ID card is usually valid for three years for UAE citizens and residents. The expiration date will be mentioned on the Emirates ID card. Moreover, its validity depends on how much you pay for it.

The time it takes to process an Emirates ID card varies depending on the conditions and the Emirates ID center you visit. However, once the biometric enrollment procedure is completed, the Emirates ID is typically delivered to your registered address within 7–10 working days.

Yes, you can use your Emirates ID as a travel document to travel within the UAE. You can use your Emirates ID to access all government services.

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