Dubai Municipality opens registrations for ‘Future Talents’ Scholarship program

Dubai Municipality opens registrations for ‘Future Talents’ Scholarship program

Dubai Municipality Launches ‘Future Talents’ Scholarship Program for UAE National University Students

Dubai Municipality is proud to announce the commencement of registrations for its prestigious ‘Future Talents’ scholarship program. This innovative initiative is designed to empower and guide UAE national university students pursuing degrees in sought-after scientific disciplines that hold immense value in the competitive job market. Aligned with Dubai Municipality’s commitment to offering promising opportunities, fostering skill growth, and supporting the Emiratization Policy, this program exemplifies our dedication to shaping the future workforce of Dubai.

Aiming to align with the visionary directives of our esteemed leadership, Aisha Al Hammadi, Director of the Human Resources Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized, “The ‘Future Talents’ scholarship program strongly reinforces the Emiratization policy in Dubai. By seamlessly translating our leadership’s vision into action, we aspire to attract exceptional Emirati students, nurture their potential, enhance their academic horizons, provide hands-on experience, and equip them with the essential tools to conquer future challenges. These initiatives seamlessly integrate with our ongoing commitment to elevate our workforce and catalyze specialized career paths within Dubai Municipality.”

The selected academic disciplines are meticulously chosen to fortify the municipality’s workforce across key sectors, thereby contributing to the sustainability and vitality of our workforce. The ‘Future Talents’ scholarship program extends its invitation to aspiring students pursuing diverse scientific fields, encompassing civil and architectural engineering, agricultural engineering and sciences, public health, environmental sciences, sustainability and environmental health, food security, and information systems specializing in data science and business solutions. Additionally, information technology students focusing on application development, networking, and cloud computing are also encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process Prospective applicants must be UAE citizens currently enrolled in their third or fourth academic year within the specified majors to be eligible for this exceptional program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3 is required, and applicants are kindly advised not to pursue multiple scholarships concurrently. Male students are required to have successfully completed their national service to participate. This initiative promises to provide adept Emirati students with unwavering guidance and pave the path to their sustained success in the forthcoming years.

As we embark on this transformative journey, Dubai Municipality remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the future Talents’ of the UAE, propelling them towards an illustrious future filled with accomplishments. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow for the Emirati youth while simultaneously invigorating Dubai’s strategic workforce landscape.

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