Dubai Medical Team Saves Young Patient’s Life After 22 Minutes of Cardiac Arrest

Dubai Medical Team Saves Young Patient's Life After 22 Minutes of Cardiac Arrest

In an impressive feat of medical collaboration, Tadawi Hospital and Dubai Ambulance Services united to successfully revive a young patient who endured a heart stoppage lasting 22 minutes.

The saga commenced with a rapid response from Dubai Ambulance’s expert team, as they swiftly attended to an emergency call concerning the collapse of 29-year-old Mohamed M. Diagnosing a heart attack, the team promptly administered crucial first aid before expertly transporting him to Tadawi Hospital’s top-tier emergency department.

Upon reaching Tadawi Hospital, a comprehensive assessment uncovered acute pulmonary embolisms, triggering a complete cardiac arrest and severe respiratory failure in Mohamed. With unwavering determination to save his life, the medical team initiated CPR, administering repeated electric shocks until his pulse was successfully restored.

The urgency of the situation prompted an immediate transfer to the operating room, where a critical coronary angioplasty was performed, complemented by the administration of vital thrombolytic drugs. Following this, Mohamed was seamlessly transitioned to the intensive care unit, where meticulous monitoring and a ventilator ensured attentive care.

Distinguished cardiologist and interventional cardiology consultant, Dr. Salman Ady, stressed the gravity of Mohamed’s condition. The combined challenges of weakened heart muscle and respiratory failure posed significant risks, necessitating prompt and decisive medical intervention. The medical team orchestrated a seamless coronary and pulmonary angioplasty, followed by his transfer to the intensive care unit, where vigilant supervision and mechanical ventilation paved the way for stabilization and eventual restoration of consciousness.

Dr. Ady further elaborated on the patient’s journey, revealing the discovery of severe infections and blood poisoning during treatment. The medical team promptly administered essential antibiotics, ultimately leading to remarkable improvement and a return to normal breathing.

In a remarkable testament to medical prowess, the once-critical patient’s health has been fully restored, prompting his discharge from the hospital and safe return home in a stable state.

Marwan Haji Nasser, the esteemed Chairman and CEO of Tadawi Healthcare Group, commended the collective effort that transpired. Recognizing the complexity of the patient’s condition, he highlighted the pivotal roles played by emergency, cardiology, and thoracic specialists, amplified by state-of-the-art medical equipment and cutting-edge technologies available at Tadawi Hospital. This achievement showcases the pinnacle of medical excellence and underscores the power of collaborative healthcare interventions.

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