Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) implements Fresh works to digitize and enhance customer service

commercial bank of dubai

The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has implemented Fresh works to digitize and enhance its customer service. Fresh works is a cloud-based customer experience software platform that helps businesses deliver better customer service experiences.

Commercial Bank of Dubai chose Fresh works because it wanted to improve its customer service efficiency and provide a more personalized experience to its customers. Fresh desk, Fresh works’ flagship customer support software, has helped CBD achieve these goals by:

  • Digitizing its customer service processes, which has led to a 50% reduction in customer support resolution time.
  • Automating key processes has freed up customer service agents to focus on more complex issues.
  • Providing a self-service portal for customers to resolve their own issues has reduced the number of customer support tickets.
  • Personalizing the customer experience by providing customers with relevant information and offers based on their past interactions

As a result of these improvements, CBD has been able to provide its customers with a more efficient, personalized, and satisfying customer service experience.

In addition to Freshdesk, CBD is also using other Freshworks products, such as Freshservice and Freshchat, to improve its customer service operations. Freshservice is a help desk software that helps CBD manage its IT assets and provide IT support to its employees. Freshchat is a live chat software that helps CBD engage with its customers in real time.

By using Freshworks products, CBD is able to provide its customers with a seamless and integrated customer experience across all channels. This has helped CBD improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately, its bottom line.

Here are some additional details about the benefits that CBD has experienced from implementing Freshworks:

  • A 50% reduction in customer support resolution time
  • An increase in customer satisfaction of 10%
  • A decrease in the number of customer support tickets by 20%
  • An increase in the productivity of customer service agents by 30%

CBD is pleased with the results it has achieved with Fresh works and plans to continue using the platform to further improve its customer service.

CBD is one of the UAE’s largest banks, having a reputation for providing cutting-edge digital banking solutions. CBD’s customer service department is vital to its performance, with high-ticket transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. CBD invested in Freshdesk, Freshworks’ flagship customer support platform, recognizing the need of providing outstanding client experiences.

At CBD, we are constantly working on enhancing our customer service to provide a seamless banking experience to our customers. Our relationship with Freshworks leverages digital platforms to provide high-class and personalized customer service to our Corporate Customers. We are delighted to state that Freshworks helped in enhancing our customer service team’s efficiency, cutting our resolution times by nearly half,

CBD has used more than 60 automations to boost the productivity and efficacy of its customer service workforce. CBD has enabled its clients to self-serve for basic queries such as login issues or forgotten pins by leveraging Freshdesk. This technique has reduced the average number of tickets received by agents per month by 28%, demonstrating Freshdesk’s beneficial impact.

The financial services business requires a high level of data security, which Fresh works Marketplace app connectors meet. To comply with Central Bank rules, CBD employs Masking to assure consumer protection and compliance, as well as a credit card integration.

Fresh desk has provided us with the flexibility to execute on any requirement with no restrictions and rapid solution deployment,”

said Ben Crampton, Client Excellence & Service Delivery at CBD.

The Commercial Bank of Dubai is at the forefront of digital innovation in the banking sector and we’re happy to provide them with the technology required to deliver delightful customer experiences every day,

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